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Ron Locke


I began taking music lessions at age of 9.  My first 2 trumpet instructors were professional trumpet players. Both of them were drafted into the army to fight in the Korean conflict, while teaching me.  My next instructor was the junior hight school director and my uncle.  When I got to the 7th grade the instructor asked me if I would play the mellophone  in the band. I played mellophone for two years in junior high school. I played in the high school band also. After high school I didn't play either trumpet or mellophone.  When I was about 40-45, I purchased a keyboard and taught myself to play. After 50 years of not playing I began playing trumpet once again.  Currently, I play in 3 bands, the Fanfare Concert Band, Bath Municipal Band and the Kora Shrine Band.  My wife and I have 3 children, none of them play instruments. I am retired from the field of electronics.  We currently live in Lewiston, ME.