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Duncan Webster


I took my first 6 years of music lessons in Lewiston, Maine.  My music tescher was Lucien Lebel, one of the great trumpet players who came out of the State of Maine.  My first instrument was the trumpet.  I took my first music lesson at the age of 9.  I played in school bands from the 7th grade to the 12th grade.  I also played in the high school dance band and a basketball pep band.  After high school, I played in the United States Navy for 4 years.  After the service, I took a few years off, then joined the Kora Temple Shrine Band.  I currently play in several bands other than the Kora band.  They include the Auburn Community Concert Band, the Fanfare Concert Band, the Bath Municipal Band, Low-commotion Band and occasionally with the Westbrook City Band and various groups including German bands and small brass ensembles. 

I am married with children, none of the children are currently involved in music.  I am a retired businessman. 

Other than concert band music,  my favorite music genre is 60's and 70's rock music.