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Bob Travis


I started piano and violin lessons at age 6 or 7 in Westbrook, then moved to the baritone horn in the sixth grade so I could join the band at Forest Street School.  I played baritone all through high school, and even got to join the SD Warren Band to get to play with actual adults.

I then stopped playing for about 45 years (but of course never lost my intense interest in music of all stripes and colors...).  I took it up again about 15 years ago, when I finally had time enough to do it, first joining the Bridgton Community Band and the Westbrook City Band (successor to the SD Warren Band).  I now play regularly with those two, plus The Fanfare Concert Band and the Maine Pops Concert Band.  (My 15 yr old grandaughter now plays my old 19th century violin, and beautifully I might add!).

I'm happily retired (from a long career as a computer software engineer and architect for several great organizations, longest with Digital Equipment Corporation and Alta Vista and Yahoo, so I (just barely!) have time for all this fun with these wonderful musical organizations!  I love all good music, especially jazz and blues, in addition to the concert band repertoire.